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About my Practice: 

I practice primarily in the area of family law with my main focus surrounding caring for the lives of the client’s I serve and ensuring they obtain quality legal representation.  I seek to bring a positive and uplifting environment to the difficult circumstances. My practice is committed to developing and employing methods and systems which allow for consistent excellent performance for each client.  My goal is not only to “win” but to represent the best interest of my clients and provide constructive counsel and positive long-term results.  I LIVE MY LIFE AS A SERVANT.  Anyone who needs an attorney’s help resolve a family law matter could benefit from my services.  My rates are competitive and fair.  My practice is located in Maryville, TN, but I serve much of East Tennessee and will travel if the need arises.

General Information:

During the initial consultation I will review all the details of your case and determine if I am able to provide relevant legal advice, competent representation and practical guidance. You will have my personal attention as you provide me with the information I need to assess your case and I am prepared to work on your behalf in matters involving:

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