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Whether you are contemplating adopting a child in need of stable home and caring parents, a relative seeking to adopt the child of another family member, or a step parent seeking to make your family complete by making it “official” through the adoption process, I am dedicated to working with my clients to see their child finds the right place to call home.

Competent Representation

Few attorneys practice adoption law exclusively, however, many attorneys may be asked to handle an adoption case. Adoption is an attractive area for sole practitioners such as myself because they are can often be uncontested and can yield heartwarming results.  Although adoption law is widely considered to be “happy law,” by no means is it an easy process or one that lacks significant hurdles.  Neglecting to appropriately address all of the applicable laws in the context of what can often be an emotionally charged climate can destroy a placement and be potentially devastating to a client and their families.

When processing an adoption, it is important to be aware that state law governs for the most part, but there may also be applicable federal laws.  Adoption law is entirely statutory.  A universal standard judges apply is whether it is in the child’s best interest to be adopted by the petitioners.  In addition, the process almost always involves the terminating the rights of the biological parents.  There are several features common to adoptions yet variable according to the particular circumstances of each individual case.  If you want a attorney who cares and is equipped to handle the adoption of your child efficiently and with minimal stress call me to schedule a consultation.  

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