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Sometimes family law matters and the criminal justice system intersect.  With emotions running high and individuals concerned with the protection and wellbeing of themselves, their children or others involved, Orders of Protection and/or Restraining Orders may be a serious consideration.  I have the requisite knowledge and experience both representing clients who are seeking entry of a Protective or Restraining order, as well as defending clients who believe the entry of such an order may be unjustified.

Understand the Legal Process

I work with prosecutors, opposing attorneys and parties to find the correct solution in these types of cases.  Whether it be zealously advocating for my client’s position or negotiating an agreement between the parties, I am ready, willing and able to help.  I am committed to explaining the law in a way it can be easily understood, as well as providing my clients with the advice they need to weigh the potential consequences involved and make an educated decision.  If you are considering seeking entry of an Order of Protection/Restraining Order or have had such an Order served upon you and seek a competent defense attorney, please contact me today to schedule a consultation.

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